What is P8Mapper?

P8Mapper is a small non intrusive application which when installed on your Active Directory Domain Controller enables P8DNS to map your network users to their connected IP address.

Therefore when a user logs onto the network using their AD username and password, P8Mapper sends a notification to P8DNS confirming the users logon and associated IP address. Any future DNS queries from the users IP address will then mapped to the users username.

Installing P8Mapper.

Follow the below steps to install P8Mapper on your AD domain controller. If you receive any errors during the installation please log a call  by email to support@p8dns.io.

  1. Download P8Mapper using the link provided
  2. Once downloaded, double click on P8Mapper.exe to initiate the installation wizard.


  3. Complete the installation selecting all defaults per step.
  4.  Once completed you should see the below window. Enter the IP address of your P8DNS service and click the 'Start' button.


  5. Start the P8mapper service by clicking on 'Start' 


  6. The installation is now complete.