If you would like to confirm or change your Protect dynamic DNS hostname or password then please follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Click here to login to The Packet Hub Customer Portal.
  2. Select the "view" button next to your Protectlicense 

  3. Navigate to the bottom of the license view

Password View:

  1. Select the "Show Password" button 

  2. Enter your Customer Portal password and click on the "show password" button 

  3. Allow the customer portal time to retrieve your Dynamic Hostname password
  4. You should now see your Dynamic Hostname password

Password Change:

  1. Select the "Change Password" button 

  2. Enter a new password, enter your portal account password to confirm the change and click on the "change" button 

  3. You should have received a confirmation that the password has been changed
  4. Ensure that you update the Dynamic DNS password settings on your router. 

If any of the above settings failed, please log a call by sending an email to support@p8dns.io